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I must apologise. I had intended to post something weekly and life got in the way.

Additionally, I took on a new writing project and during that care up with maybe 30 other ideas I want to try and so I kept stopping to write down enough details so as to be able to faithfully attempt them later. Ugh, a special kind of interruption :S


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New Content – Spirited Away

Thank you for waiting 🙂


The piece has been given a rough re-check and a few things I missed before have been fixed.


without further ado: Spirited Away


will it be a stand alone? will it get a continuation? what are your thoughts on the story? Have you read anything like this before, and if so where? please comment and let me know your thoughts 🙂


As Promised

It is time!! YAY

As promised, here are the links to 2 places you can read the mixtape:



If you are like me and like to read individual story chapters at a time, I recommend using TGStorytime, but if you want to load just a single page and read it from start to finish then Bigcloset might suit you more.

Now for details of my story…

Title – Spirited Away

Summary – 2nd person pov, experimental writing. You wake up in a dark room, your head aching and with jumbled memories. Something has changed but you have no idea what and so you first look for a way out.

I would appreciate it if you would comment here or on the chapter “spirited away” with your impressions to my piece 🙂

Short-Story Uploaded

It certainly took much more editing than I initially thought, but it is finally presentable.

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Mini-Projects Added

A new Project page has been added with links to some small pieces I have written in the past.

Links are up for 2 of the three projects, with the final link to be activated after the move finishes.

The project page can be accessed directly from the menu along the top of the screen, with only full/extended projects being considered for a drop-down slot directly from the menu, under the Project Category.

First post on a new blog

To those who know me from around the web or my previous blog page:

Happy to see you again, please take care of me from now on.

And to those I am meeting for the first time:

Welcome, I hope we get along well 🙂

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